January 2011

PowerCADD 9 and In2Space.

The eagerly awaited PowerCADD v9 and its complimentary 3D partner In2Space are now available.


In2Space is designed from the ground up as a complimentary 3D partner for PowerCADD. Copy and Paste from PowerCADD to In2Space and that's you up and running. Real world tool, Walls, Roofs, Floors, all fully parametric. See your designs come to life with ease. From simple floor plans to complex multi level buildings.


Possibly the best 2D draughting system available on the Apple Platform By Engineered Software.

With PowerCADD, drawing, designing and drafting in a natural way allows productive work to be measured in hours and days, rather than months and years. Even though it comes with complete documentation, most people, familiar with the Macintosh interface can begin work with the familiar tools without even picking up the manual. This intuitiveness increases your ability to rapidly become proficient and productive. The interface simply doesn't get in your way and you don't have to think about it.

PowerCADD has just turned 23 and in its 15th version. Well this version is 9 which means its the 15th version after the initial introduction of PowerDraw which was the first serious CAD product on the Mac platform way back in the days of floppy disks and Black and White Screens. PowerCADD followed as the PowerPC became available with another processor change for Apple. Now with yet another processor change and the Intel chip we have the latest incarnation and PowerCADD 9 built for Intel and Intel only.


PC7 is now retired. After many years as the staple PowerCADD PPC solution it has been decided that 7 must now be retired. The development platform for PC7 was CodeWarrior. Code warrior has given way to X Code and thus no longer in step with the current processors. As a result 7 cannot be compiled on systems beyond 10.4. In short any problems with system changes simply cannot be fixed. So with regret its time for 7 to go.

November 2009


SNOW LEOPARD the latest version of apple OS 10.6 is for Intel Macs only. But more importantly it will not support PC7 through Rosetta which is an optional install. This means in practice that if you are running 7 or maybe even 6 on your Intel Mac should you upgrade to 10.6 7 will certainly not work. We understand that 6 may work under Rosetta but we cannot support it and have no idea how stable it may be. To use PCadd on Snow Leopard you will need to upgrade to 8. Any legacy (aka PPC) software you have may not work. We imagine that many users will have not only PCadd 7 but many PPC app's, Word, Excel, Photoshop etc. Worth checking before an upgrade to Snow Leopard is done.

May 2009.

PCadd7 important notice.

Newer operating systems always present the possibility of incompatibility with older software. PC7 is over 4 years old and PC8 has been available for over a year. PC7 is a pre Intel PPC application and we can not predict how much longer PC7 will continue to run reliably with the latest (10.5.x) OSX systems.

At some point in a future operating system it will not install the interpreter necessary to run PPC software. Only Apple knows when.

Here is a statement from ES on the situation.

"Versions of 6.x and versions of 7.0.5 and under are not compatible and should not be run with System 10.5.x and above"

The compilers that are used with PC7 no longer work with 10.5 so it is technically impossible to continue to maintain compatibility with 10.5 and further updates to the OS. We recommend that you do not update your system to 10.5. If you are on 10.5 already beware updating your system when prompted as we have no idea how a system change will effect the smooth running of PC7. PC8 has been available for over a year and we would urge you to consider upgrading to ensure compatibility with further OS upgrades. PC8 is Intel only.


PowerCADD8 update 10.014 is available for all registered users.

What's new...     Take a look at our PC9 page.


March 05-2008

Apple's latest Operating Systems make the 7.0.6 update Mandatory. Important for any Leopard users. Please update to 7.0.6. Its is free and and considered mandatory. System 10.4.11 is the last free update before 10.5 and is considered minimum.

PowerCADD 7.0.6 Changes

Added an optional setting in the Print Dialog under PowerCADD settings to print dimmed layers using a gray pen pattern instead of using transparency. This feature may be of assistance when printing to Postscript devices that have quality or time issues when using transparency.

Stability and compatibility with System 10.5.x (Leopard's) "Spaces" feature improved.

Attribute menus will no longer grow as objects are pasted into to a drawing with the "Global Attributes" feature is enabled.

Compatibility with certain older hatch definitions has been improved. Crash fixed.

Some of the attribute menus (lines, arrows, dashes) could under some circumstances grow incorrectly and beyond their allowable range causing command problems and in some cases instability. This issue has been addressed.

Drawing that have acquired too many dashes experienced a problem where the dash editor would crash with no method to remove the excess dashes. The dash edit dialog will always allow removal of dashes.

Versions of 6.x and versions of 7.0.5 and under are not compatible and should not be run with System 10.5.x and above.

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