Saddle Up
So there you have it. PowerCADD 7 and WildTools 8 continue their winning streak, offering the most full-featured set of tools for engineering, architecture, machine design and graphics available anywhere, on any computer.

But for all of the speed and features, let’s remember that the best thing about PowerCADD and WildTools is Engineered Software’s commitment to its users. Pick up the telephone and ask to speak to the president of any of the major CAD programs out there. Then try it with Engineered Software or contact the author of WildTools. Therein lies all the difference.

So. Is PowerCADD ‘Seabiscuit’? Is WildTools ‘War Admiral’? Or the other way around? We don’t know. Actually it’s not a race at all. Just two speeding thoroughbreds who have left all their rivals in the dust. A-prancin’ and a-dancin’. Way out front. And at the finish it ends in a draw. The fastest draw in history.

Enough of this horse pucky. Kick off your boots. Throw off the bridle. And pick up your whip. Turn your genius loose. Order the new PowerCADD 7 and WildTools 8 today and put some fun back in your life.

To order, call (336) 299-4843 or order online at

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An excellent overview by Evoy & Associates.


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