Possibly the best 2D draughting system available on the Apple Platform, from Engineered Software.

With PowerCADD, drawing, designing and drafting in a natural way allows productive work to be measured in hours and days, rather than months and years. Even though it comes with complete documentation, most people, familiar with the Macintosh interface can begin work with the familiar tools without even picking up the manual. This intuitiveness increases your ability to rapidly become proficient and productive. The interface simply doesn't get in your way and you don't have to think about it. With PowerCADD's ability to save your drawing in DesignWorkshop format, you can now have a dedicated 2D and a dedicated 3D, all in the same package.

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Price List 14/2/06
PowerCADD 7 Features
Power Cadd 7 Demo
Power Cadd 7 Manual (27.8 mb ) alt click to download


Extend the reach of your PowerCADD with a fantastic range of plugins.

This plug-in gives extra power to the drawing tools in power Cadd. Once you have used it there is no going back. Wild Tools is about drawing, not CAD, Think of WildTools as a highly-tuned race car, with gear-shift levers and other controls readily at hand but which are also out of sight because they're deep inside the cockpit. If you learn to drive the machine, instinctively and masterfully manipulating the controls, you'll be able to drive circles around cars with only a single-speed gearbox.

A fabulous set of tools from Italy. They provide some unique solutions. Including Photo Survey. Flattening drawings traced from a photograph into an x-y format. PC2000 only.

Download a demo version here.


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