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Here we cover some of the basic assumptions and how to get started with In2Space.

  • We get information from PowerCadd by simply cutting and pasting into a PLAN, END or SIDE view within In2Space. 95% of the work is done in PLAN.
  • All pasted lines/polygons are selectable so you can delete them and all end points are live snaps.
  • You tell in2Space what Scale and UNITS you are using and from then on eveything you paste form PCadd will be at the correct scale.
  • Set up STOREYS and LAYERS within Storeys. STOREY sets working heights for each level within your design.
  • SNAPPING is cool! You dont need to go to the end of the line you want to use just close too it, past half way on any line and In2Space will find the end of the line for you and mark it with a red dot. Makes for very fast work!
  • Same familiar conventions as PCadd. Space Bar to Pan, Command F to fit, L for Layer (Storey) etc.
  • Picking. 3D Picking is always done in the 3D window. 2D Picking is always done in the 2D windows. This convention means we do not have to have selection controls for picking.
  • In2Space has a simple convention that runs through the whole application. We draw objects in a clock wise direction. This simply means that if you draw a wall from West to East its thickness will be drawn in a Southerly direction. The Roof tool and Insert tools work in the same way. Once you grasp the convention its very easy to work in this way.

  • The list is tooo long to go on, so please play the movie and see the Basics in action.


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