Welcome to In2Space the 3D Modeling Partner for PowerCadd.
In2Space has been designed as a complementary partner to PowerCADD providing easy transition from 2D into 3D. In2Space is an architectural modeler having tools specifically designed with buildings in mind. We have concentrated on making the process as simple as possible. We have not set out to be a design tool there are many out there. Fundamentally we are a CAD product and the end result is a visualization of your PowerCadd design with ease and simplicity. If you already use a modeler you will not believe what a pleasure it is and the ease of workflow from PowerCADD into 3D.

Rendered in Artlantis



Rendered in Artlantis



What's in there?....

  • Copy and Paste right from PCadd into 3D
    • At Scale
    • Fills imported
    • No DWG's to import
    • C&P as often as you need. No issue forgetting items which then require you to go back and export again.
    • Active snapping.
    • PCadd objects are not used to make any models so no complications with mixing of components.

Parametric Modeling tools.

What are parametric's? Parametric models are made using global settings that can be changed on the fly. eg..

  • A door used throughout a model will have a set of parameters, height, width, thickness, color etc. Changing any one of these will reflect through the whole model on the fly.
  • A wall height can be changed after the wall has been placed. Reflecting again through the model.
  • A roof pitch can be changed to reflect a design change.

These facilities are typical in high end and expensive solutions. Parametric real world objects include

  • Walls
  • Doors (including collections of actual manufacturer items)
  • Windows (including collections of actual manufacturer items)
  • Roof elements
  • Extruded profiles.
  • Cutting Profiles to make holes in Walls. Arches Doorways etc
  • Symbol Collections
    • Kitchen Units.
    • Tables, chairs
    • Garden items etc.
    • Trees
    • Blinds
    • etc

  • Full function modeling tools...
    • Extrude
    • Automatic Roof Creation tools
    • 3D Walls
    • Powerful Roof and Wall intersect tool to automate joining of roof and wall elements.
    • BillBoards
    • Working in the Z is achieved by Storey. No thinking in z space terms.
    • Ground models via Topography Tools. Full typographical control of the ground plan and use the 3D surface in in2space
PowerCADD's PowerClip! From the 2D to the 3D Environment with a simple Copy and Paste!

PowerClip is the unique method by which we transfer information from PowerCadd to in2Space. As a user you will not be aware of it. It sits in the background as an external in PC8 when you copy any item from your drawing it goes to the clip but then when you paste out of PC to In2space the drawing elements go over, scale is automatically set and any filled objects are taken over also. In In2Space it appears just like a PCadd file.

View In PowerCADD

View In In2Space Plan

3D View from In2Space. With all fills transferred

Of course this means you can go back to PowerCADD as many times as needed to further populate the 3D world. If you forget an item, not a problem, just go back and copy and paste again.

We have strived to make the transition from 2D into 3D seamless and above all effortless. The ease of 2D in PowerCADD combined with the benefit of 3D. All the work is done in the familiar 2D world, the designing and thinking in the familiar environment you are used to. This work is then re-used to make your design real in 3D.

The in2Space interface, where possible, is using the same analogies that PowerCADD uses. But the intimate connection only becomes obvious when you start to use the program. A 2D file from PowerCADD is used by in2space as a template for building. In fact any object from PowerCADD can be copy and pasted into in2Space where it will appear at the correct scale and position ready to use as a marker for placing a wall, door, roof and also a profile for extruding. It is this close match that makes in2Space a true 3D extension to PowerCADD.