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Welcome to In2Space the 3D Modelling Partner for PowerCadd.

In2Space is designed as a complimentary partner too PowerCADD providing very easy transition from 2D into 3D.

In2Space is an architectural modeler with tools specifically designed with buildings in mind. We have concentrated on making the process as simple as possible. We have not set out to be a design tool there are lots out there. Fudamentally we are a CAD product and the end result is a visualisation of your PowerCadd design.

The in2Space interface where possible, is using the same analogies that PowerCADD uses. But the intimate connection only becomes obvious when you start to use the programme. A 2D file from PowerCADD is used by in2space as a template for building. In fact any object from PowerCADD can be cut and pasted into in2Space where it will appear at the correct scale and position ready to use as a marker for placing a wall, door roof and also a profile for extruding. It is this close match that makes in2Space truly a 3D extension to PowerCADD.

We have strived to make the transition from 2D into 3D seamless and above all effortless. All the ease of 2D in PowerCADD combined with the benefit of 3D. All the work is done in the familiar 2D world. All the designing and thinking in the easy environment you are used to . This work is then re-used to make your design real in 3D.

All that is required is that you set the scale you are using in PowerCADD within in2space. It is then a simple matter of copy and paste from PCadd in to in2space. Any information is at the appropriate scale ready for use. Of course this means you can go back to PowerCADD as many times as needed to further populate the 3D world. If you forget an item not a problem just go back and c&p again.


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